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5 Areas to Live in Cleveland That Offer A Vibrant Lifestyle 

Panoramic photo of Cleveland downtown

Cleveland, Ohio, stands out as a city with a low cost of living and a vibrant lifestyle. According to, Cleveland ranks among the best cities for outdoor activities and young professionals, making it an attractive destination for homebuyers. Let’s delve into five neighborhoods in the Greater Cleveland Area that embody the city’s diverse offerings:

1. Ohio City:

Nestled just west of downtown Cleveland, Ohio City exudes a trendy vibe with its array of bars, eateries, and local shops. The neighborhood is famous for the West Side Market, a historic venue boasting fresh produce and ethnic delicacies. Ohio City fosters a strong sense of community and hosts events like the annual Great Lakes Burning River Fest.

2. Tremont:

Renowned for its historic architecture and cozy homes, Tremont captivates visitors with its charm. This neighborhood boasts top-rated restaurants and a thriving arts scene, featuring galleries, theaters, and music venues. Every year, Tremont dazzles with the Taste of Tremont festival, showcasing its culinary diversity.

3. University Circle:

As Cleveland’s cultural epicenter, University Circle houses prestigious institutions like the Cleveland Museum of Art and Case Western Reserve University. Residents enjoy a blend of urban living and green spaces, with parks and gardens dotting the landscape. Vibrant events like Parade the Circle and Wade Oval Wednesdays add to the neighborhood’s allure.

According to, job opportunities in the city are increasing steadily, and the overall quality of life is good. This stable market is expected to remain unchanged and may even improve, making Cleveland an attractive place for real estate investment. The 10-year average appreciation rate in Cleveland is 75.58%, which is among the highest 50 percent in the country. 

This translates to a median annual appreciation rate of 5.79 percent for homes in Cleveland. The city’s housing market is strong due to the continuous supply and demand imbalance, which still favors sellers.

4. Downtown Cleveland:

Under a remarkable revitalization in 2016, downtown Cleveland offers a plethora of housing options, from luxurious apartments to historic lofts. The area brims with attractions such as the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Playhouse Square, and the East 4th Street entertainment district. Downtown attracts a diverse population, including many young professionals.

5. Gordon Square Arts District:

Located on Cleveland’s west side, Gordon Square Arts District is a dynamic hub of creativity and community. The neighborhood is home to theaters, galleries, studios, local shops, and eateries. Notable public art projects, such as the “Cleveland Wordplay” mural, add to the vibrant atmosphere of Gordon Square. According to, it is a sought-after neighborhood for home buyers with a median home price of $404K.

To wrap things up:

Cleveland, Ohio, beckons with its diverse neighborhoods, each offering a unique living experience. Whether you’re drawn to the trendy scene of Ohio City, the historic charm of Tremont, or the cultural richness of University Circle, there’s something for everyone in the Greater Cleveland Area. With its low cost of living and ongoing revitalization efforts, Cleveland proudly earns its moniker as the “Comeback City.” 

Don’t miss the opportunity to explore the rich history, culinary delights, and thriving arts culture that define Cleveland living.

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