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6 Trends that Increase Home Value in 2022

Luxury home living room with fire place

Thinking about taking on a home improvement to increase your home’s value? Some remodeling efforts have more impact on your home value than others. Whether you are planning to sell your home in 2022 or you are interested in maximizing your property value long-term, consider the following home improvements that can help you get more out of your home sale.


1. Add or Emphasize Architectural Details to Your Home

As buyers are touring a home their eyes naturally gravitate up. Decorate crown modeling, ceiling beams, and add

custom-made woodwork to give your home personality, aesthetic, and add value to your home. Enhance the look of a plain brick fireplace with beautiful tile work or a custom mantel. You can also increase the height and width of door openings with oversized casing trim to add a spacious feel to every room.


2. Invest in a Backup Generator

The cold winter weather and the unpredictable pandemic may keep us inside our homes more often over the next few months. Be prepared for a power outage and increase home value with a standby generator.
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Home Spa Bathroom

3. Transform your Bathroom into a Spa

It doesn’t have to be an expensive bathroom home improvement project to turn your plain or boring bathroom into a relaxing oasis. Artwork adds dynamic design to your bathroom. Painting the walls white or a warm off-white will create a clean and bright look. Adding spa-like white towels, dispensers and other bathroom supplies will also transform the look of your bathroom. Check out these ideas for more bathroom trends: 6 Easy Ways to Transform Your Bathroom

4. Upgrade your Home with Eco-Friendly Renovations

You don’t need to build an eco-home from the ground up to enjoy the benefits of going green. Lower your utilities and update your home’s exterior with a new energy-efficient front door. When replacing appliances look for products that help save both the environment and energy. Instead of replacing an old cabinet, consider painting it first to save on material but still get a new look! There are many other ways to upgrade your home with the environment in mind: Solar energy, install a low-flow toilet, paint with VOC-free paint, and use recycled
materials such as wood for new projects! 


5. Reflooring with Unique DesignsMaster bedroom with wood flooring

Depending on the style of your home there are many different flooring options to explore. 2022 flooring trends are leaning away from traditional looks and materials and more towards unique designs and textures. Current trends include smoked wood, bleached floors, textured tiles, multicolored barnwood tiles, and even graphic tiles.


6. Open up your home with new or Updated Windows

It’s not just about function with windows. Consider the aesthetic impact that new home windows have on your overall design. Increasing the size of windows and finding ways to bring in more light have been trending lately. Interior and exterior black window frames continue to be popular as well as arched or curved windows that give a unique decorative
appeal to your home and open up the room.  

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