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Essential Winter Tips for Northeast Ohio Homeowners

Snow Removal Using Power Broom in Northeast Ohio

As February rolls around, Northeast Ohio homeowners must stay on top of their home maintenance tasks. Despite the chilly weather, there are several important tasks to tackle to ensure your home remains in top condition. Here are some essential tips to keep your home safe, efficient, and comfortable throughout the remaining winter months.

1. Check Your Heating System:

With the winter chill still lingering, your heating system is likely working overtime. Schedule a professional HVAC inspection to ensure everything is running efficiently and safely. Replace air filters if necessary and consider investing in a programmable thermostat to maximize energy savings.

2. Inspect for Ice Dams:

Ice dams can wreak havoc on your roof and gutters, leading to costly repairs if left unchecked. Take the time to inspect your roof and gutters for any signs of ice buildup. Safely remove any icicles hanging from the roof and consider installing heated cables to prevent future ice dams.

To safely remove ice dams, it’s recommended to hire a specialist who uses steam. Steam is the only method that won’t potentially damage your roof. It’s better to use a professional for this task as they have the necessary equipment, experience, and insurance to perform it without financial risk.

3. Seal Drafts and Air Leaks:

Drafts and air leaks can significantly impact your home’s energy efficiency and comfort levels. Check windows and doors for any gaps or cracks and apply weatherstripping or caulking as needed. Don’t forget to insulate any exposed pipes to prevent freezing and potential bursts.

Warm air can escape through small cracks or holes. When inspecting your attic, thoroughly check for any openings, even tiny ones. It can be challenging to spot these cracks, so perform the inspection on a sunny day. Turn off the attic light and look for sunlight entering the space. Seal these holes with caulk to retain warm air and protect your home from water and pests.

4. Clean and Organize Indoor Spaces:

While you’re spending more time indoors during the winter months, take the opportunity to declutter and organize your living spaces. Clear out closets, cabinets, and storage areas to make room for seasonal items and donate or discard any unused or unnecessary items.

Annual cleaning has its benefits. First, you can declutter and create more space, making your clothes, cabinets, and storage areas look more organized. Second, it’s a chance to identify and eliminate any fabric moths or other issues in your clothing and belongings before they cause serious damage.


Inspect wool or leather coats for signs of moth larvae damage: cobweb-like matting or ½-inch-long cylinders wrapped in fibers.

5. Prepare for Spring Landscaping:

Even though spring is still a few weeks away, now is the perfect time to start planning your landscaping projects. Research local plants and flowers that thrive in Northeast Ohio’s climate and create a planting schedule for the upcoming season. 

6. Test Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors:

Ensure your family’s safety by testing smoke and carbon monoxide detectors monthly and replacing batteries as needed. February is an excellent time to perform this essential task and provide you with peace of mind knowing your home is protected.

The best way to ensure your detectors work like they should is by routinely testing them. Co-detectors, which test for carbon monoxide, should be tested weekly, especially since the gas is odorless, colorless, and can be fatal to breathe in. Smoke detectors can be tested once a month. 

Final Takeaway:

By following these February home maintenance tips, Northeast Ohio homeowners can ensure their homes remain safe, comfortable, and efficient throughout the winter months. Taking proactive steps now can help prevent costly repairs and ensure your home is ready for the arrival of spring. 

Whenever you need a pro to tackle your home maintenance projects, don’t forget to take a peek at our Verified Vendors List for Northeast Ohio! 

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