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Home Improvement Projects DIY or Call an expert?

When it comes to home improvement projects DIY doesn’t always work out! Sometimes it’s best to call the experts. Below are three questions to help you decide: DIY or leave it to the experts?

1. Do you know what you’re doing?

Have you ever used a power tool? When you look at the instructions for a project does it look like it is written in another language? Will it take you an unreasonable amount of time to figure things out? Depending on the answers to these questions maybe DIY is not the way to go.

2. Is Serious injury possible if something goes wrong?

Are you sure you feel comfortable up on that ladder? Is advanced electrical work or plumbing involved? Even trained and experienced electricians, plumbers, and other professionals get hurt on the job. Why take the risk if you don’t have the background to be prepared for something going wrong?

3. Did someone knowledgeable advise you to get a pro?

Maybe you decide to head to the hardware store to get some advice on your next project. If the explanation of the project makes no sense, you should probably see that as a red flag. Have a friend who is experienced with the particular project you are working on? If someone you trust advises you not to attempt this project on your own that can be all you need to consider that DIY might be good for some projects but not others.

Still not sure if you should DIY for that kitchen remodel, floor installation, or electrical rewiring? Our team would be happy to talk with you about your home improvement projects and refer you to the experts. 

We got you covered with our trusted vendor list. Reach out at (216) 859-1201 for the full list.

About The Author

Stephanie joined The Young Team in January 2022 as a Real Estate Consultant. She previously worked as a sales director and listing specialist for another team in the Cleveland area and has 10 years of experience working for local and national builders as well. Stephanie relishes the fast-paced, ever changing real estate industry and loves the opportunity to work with many new people. A highly skilled agent with strong negotiation skills, she is motivated to make deals that help clients reach their goals.

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