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Home Office Organization Ideas

Home office

home office in living roomAre you back to working from home again for a while? If you don’t have a home office, or a spare bedroom to transform into one, the key to achieving and maintaining productivity is having a clean work environment that separates your home life from your work life. Here are home office organization hacks to create space to stay organized and crush your goals.

Make yourself comfortable, but not too comfortable


When working from home, it can be tempting to plop yourself down on the couch or stay in bed with your laptop – don’t do it. It’s important to keep your work life and regular home life as separate as possible so that it’s easier to get into the zone during the workday and relax and wind down once 5 o’clock hits. If you don’t have a desk and a comfy office chair, your dining room table can be a great alternative.

Limit distractions as much as possible


What is in your line of sight at your current workstation at home? A laundry basket? Dirty dishes? A pile of bills? While for many, working from home can allow them to increase their focus, seeing the housework you have waiting for you after work can be a distraction. When organizing your home office, make sure that your workspace is clear of clutter and nonessential items. If you’re working within eyesight of a TV, keep it turned off.

Good lighting is key


Ideally, you will want the best lighting for your home office. Working in a dark room, especially if your job requires you to be on the computer for most of the day, can strain your eyesight and make you feel groggy. Open the curtains or blinds while you’re working and let there be light! If it’s a cloudy day or the room you’re working in doesn’t have adequate windows or overhead lighting, invest in some floor lamps or desk lighting that will help brighten your space.

Opt for closed storage


The last thing you’ll want while working from home is stacks of papers strewn across your workspace – even if they are organized into folders. If mountains of paperwork comes with your job, how to organize your home office next is to make sure that you have a good filing cabinet and filing system set up to keep your papers and your sanity together. Your desktop should be reserved for your computer, notepad or any other essential items that are currently in use.

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