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Why sell your home with us?

For decades, The Young Team has been helping clients in Northeast Ohio create strategies to sell their home for MORE money and on their terms. 



 Whether you’re looking to get our Guaranteed Offer, want to get an idea of value, or just learn more about the process, let’s connect and learn more about how we can help you achieve your goals. 


We give our home sellers more options

Receive a "cash now" option.

We’ll create the right strategy
to help you sell your home quickly.

The Young Team Marketing System

1. Strategy

The first and most important step is the strategy we create. A comprehensive strategy consists of premarket efforts, on market efforts and negotiation.

2. Pre-Market

This is so important to the success of selling a home. This includes us guiding you on getting a home market ready. Using our professional photographers to capture the best possible images and going to market with a presentation that is going to make buyers line up to see your house.

3. On Market

One of the most key pieces to having success to selling real estate at a high level is on market strategy. How do we communicate with buyers agents? How do we adjust our value proposition to make buyers write offers. How do we create a sense of urgency for buyers that will make your house sell for more?

4. Negotiation

You don’t become an expert negotiator without a lot of experience selling. Over the past 2 decades, negotiating 1000’s of deals, we know how to win in negotiation. It is not a coincidence that our sellers sell their homes for more money with The Young Team. Don’t take a chance with someone inexperienced in negotiations. It will cost you thousands.

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