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5 Reasons to Sell Your House During Winter

Home in the winter

Many home sellers are under the impression that spring is the best time to list their home. They may worry that their home looks dreary in winter months, or that potential buyers don’t want to venture out in the cold to tour houses. Despite these concerns, there are several compelling reasons to list a home for sale in the winter, rather than putting the sale on hold until spring. According to Zillow, the number of homes sold during winter months has gone up in recent years, and the days on market have gone down. Here are a few reasons why.


1. Less competition

Simply put, low inventory equals less competition. Since many people choose to list their homes in the spring, there is an overwhelming amount of options for buyers to choose from. During the winter months, there is less competition between houses on the market and a greater chance for your home to sell.


2. Motivated buyers

Home exterior in the winter

Home buyers during the winter months are both more serious and more motivated than spring market buyers. The spring market attracts a lot of “window shoppers” who are curious about homes in their area but don’t necessarily have immediate plans to move. Winter buyers are serious about making a purchase as quickly as they can, before the spring market rolls around and brings an influx of other potential buyers.


3. Winter buyers have urgent need

Just as you might have an urgent need to sell your home during the winter months, winter buyers often have a time-sensitive reason they need to buy a home. Many companies hire new employees to start at the beginning of the year, so relocators looking for housing will be ready to make a quick purchase. Similarly, those who are moving due to family growth might not want to wait until the spring and summer months to settle into a larger home.


4. Year-end raises, bonuses and payouts

Christmas bonuses, large payouts for retiring workers, and performance reviews that result in raises could mean that people have more money to spend on a house, whether they are upgrading from their current home or are finally able to enter the exciting world of homeownership. Plus, many buyers might be counting on tax incentives that result from a home purchase at the end of the year.


5. Buyers have time off of work to look

While many buyers imagine searching for homes over summer vacation, many working Americans have more time off from work during winter months. Motivated buyers will use these days off to search for their dream home, whether in-person or online. To appeal to online shoppers, make sure your listing includes professional photos, including some of your home in summer seasons to show buyers the evergreen appeal of your property. Plus, three-day weekends like Presidents Day provide great opportunities for open houses and showings.

About the Author

Josh Young’s duty as a listing specialist is to set an aggressive pricing and marketing strategy, inform, negotiate and guide clients to the best decision when selling their home. Following his family’s legacy, he strives to provide an extraordinary client experience. Having grown up in the area with real estate in his blood, Josh has established himself as an expert resource. Looking to sell your home? Partner with Josh to make the most of your home sale.

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