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7 Tips to Prep Your Home for a Spring Sale

Prep home for home sale

Spring! The cold winter weather is behind us (mostly), and the heat of the summer is still months away. Now is the perfect time to check those spring cleaning chores off of your to-do list and add value to your home. Below are 7 tips to get started.

1. Step up your Curb Appeal

LandscapingThe exterior of your home is usually the first impression your home will have on potential buyers. With the weather on your side, now is the time to remove weeds, dead leaves and branches, clear walkways and add fresh mulch to your yard. Also consider power washing your home or giving it a fresh paint job. Doing any or all of this will add curbside appeal to your house.

2. Improve or Update Your Flooring

If your carpets are damaged or your hardwood floors are worn, you should consider replacing them. However, if your floors are new or in good standing, a deep clean of your carpet and buffing and refinishing the hard floors will add the perfect fresh look throughout your home.

3. Make Small Repairs

Not only will making small repairs on your home demonstrate to buyers that the home is being taken care of but it can also help to prevent further bigger issues down the road. Clean out those clogged gutters, fix leaky pipes, re-caulk your bathroom and fix that broken railing or torn screen. Also when deciding what repairs to make, prioritize things in your home like the kitchen, bathroom, and any parts of the home that will stay after you move out. Staging your home is a wonderful idea as well. But keep in mind, potential buyers are more interested in an updated kitchen and bathroom than they are in your furniture.

4. Let There be Light

Bright RoomMake the best out of showing your home, and open up those drapes and shades. Replace dim low wattage light bulbs with brighter ones. Add more lamps or move them around to the most ideal spot that opens up the space. Brightening up your home with light also gives your home a more cheerful look which is very attractive to buyers.


5. De-clutter and Organize

The less stuff you have, the larger your home will appear and the easier it will be for buyers to envision themselves living there. Organizing your closet is more important than you might think! Especially if you have a walk-in closet in which interested buyers will definitely take a look. Put away unused hangers, donate clothes, and store away seasonal clothes. Another way to declutter is to depersonalize. Takedown pictures and postcards from the refrigerator and remove photos from the shelves. Not to sound like a broken record but this will add space and help prospective buyers have an open mind about what it would be like for them to live in your home.

6. Clean, Clean, and Clean Again

Cleaning HouseIf you don’t do anything else! At the very least clean your home! Dust shelves, and wipe down counters, sinks, tubs, and appliances. When’s the last time you cleaned your windows, baseboards, or ceiling fans? It is important to take the time to deep clean especially areas that are common to miss. A living space that is clean will help your home be much more appealing to buyers.


7. Work with a Real Estate Professional

Real estate agents know the trends, how to prepare for an inspection, and what work you should get done on your house for the best return on your investment. Choosing the right realtor is the first step to accessing the most important invaluable resource to help you sell your home.

About The Author

With more than 10 years of experience in the industry, Jen Waters is an expert in luxury real estate and new construction. She is also an experienced stager with an exceptional eye for design and detail. Looking to sell? Partner with Jen to maximize your home sale.

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