The first question we ask all our sellers is, why are you considering selling their home?  It’s a simple question, but not always a sim ple answer. 

Having clear goals is one of the most important places to start when selling a home. Understanding what you want to achieve from the sale will help you make informed decisions throughout the entire process.

We have some sellers who are just starting the process and curious, other times we have sellers who need to move quickly because of different circumstances. That is why the Young Team started offering sellers multiple selling options when it comes to selling their home.

  1. Worry Free Listing – Our most popular option, the Worry Free Listing, is our traditional go-to-market solution that most sellers think of when they think of selling their home. With this option, sellers can expect a comprehensive go-to-market strategy, professional photography, real-time marketing reports, and the option to opt-out of listing with us at any time they wish.
  2. Upfront Cash Offer – For sellers looking to sell as fast as possible and value the luxury of convenience over all else, the Upfront Cash Offer is the perfect solution. It is as simple as it sounds, all homeowners have to do is fill out this form to receive an offer and then decide if they want to accept the offer or not! No showings, no open house, no hassle.
  3. Backup Cash Offer – This option is the perfect blend of our first two. When sellers decide to sell their home with a Backup Cash Offer, they are given the opportunity to put their home on the market for 90 days to try and sell for the most amount of money. If the home does not sell within that 90-day time frame, The Young Team will purchase the home on the agreed upon price before bringing the house on the market. 

Before deciding which option is the best fit for your sale, you’ll need to identify the following:

Identify Your selling goals

What do you want to achieve from the sale? Do you need to sell quickly, or are you willing to wait for the right offer? Are you looking to maximize your profits, or is a quick sale more important to you? By answering these questions, you’ll have a clearer understanding of your goals for the sale and will increase the likelihood of a successful outcome. 


The Young Team always takes a “goal first” approach. Before there are discussions on strategy, there has to be an understanding of goals.

Set realistic goals for the sale

There have been times where a home seller’s goals are not aligned with where the current market is. This is usually a tough conversation for a real estate agent to have with a home seller, however it is imperative that realistic expectations are set. 


In order to set realistic expectations, it is important to consider the current market conditions, the condition of your home, and other factors that may impact your home’s perceived value. You may need to adjust your expectations based on the realities of the market.

consider your priorities

In addition to setting realistic goals, it’s important to consider your priorities. What factors are most important to you in the sale of your home? Is it getting the best price, a quick sale, or finding the right buyer? By understanding your priorities, you’ll be better equipped to make decisions throughout the selling process

Communicate Your Goals for the sale

Once you’ve identified your goals and priorities, it’s important to communicate them to your real estate agent. One of the biggest differentiators of an experienced real estate agent and an inexperienced one is that an experienced agent will always make sure they have a very detailed understanding of your goals. They can help you create a selling strategy that aligns with your objectives, and will work with you to achieve your goals throughout the selling process.


For example, if you go to a doctor and you are unable to explain what is wrong, then it is hard for them to make a recommendation on how to solve the problem. It’s the same with selling your home. By articulating clear goals and objectives to your real estate agent, your agent will be better equipped to make decisions throughout the process that align with your priorities. 


Once you have your goals aligned, then you can start preparing your home to sell.

In this next step, we will walk through all the items to consider when preparing to sell your home.

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